Launched over a decade ago, AMAZON COINS have proved they are here to stay. And for a good reason – they let you buy more for less!

What are Amazon Coins?

Simply put, Amazon Coins are a digital currency for digital products on Amazon.

With Amazon Coins you can buy almost all apps, games and in-app items on the Amazon Appstore in the US, UK, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

There are 2 types:

  • Purchased Amazon Coins – virtual Amazon currency you have bought and paid for.
  • PROMOTIONAL Amazon Coins – virtual currency that was gifted to you by Amazon. These are FREE AMAZON COINS in the form of digital cashback.
Amazon Coins - digital currency on the Amazon Appstore
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Amazon Coins CRYPTO?

Amazon Coins (sold by Amazon Services) are NOT cryptocurrency! They should NOT be confused with Amazonascoin (AMZ) which is a cryptocurrency with a green cause. Amazonascoin is not linked to in any way, nor with Amazon Coins.

Are Amazon Coins Worth it?

If you’re a regular app buyer with an Android, Windows 11 or Fire device, Amazon Coins are definitely worth it for 5 reasons:

  2. Never expire – yours forever
  3. Not taxable
  4. Safe and stable
  5. Educational (money management)


Amazon Coins may seem complex and obscure at first, but when you have a closer look, they are actually pretty simple:

1 Amazon Coin = 1 CENT ($0.01)
100 Amazon Coins = $1

These figures, however, look better and better, as they go up! And that’s exactly what makes Amazon Coins a good buy! Here is an example:

1,000 Amazon Coins = $ 9.70 (instead of $10) 3% OFF
10,000 Amazon Coins = $92 (instead of $ 100) 8% OFF

So, the more Amazon Coins you buy – the more you save towards your purchases on the Amazon Appstore!

In addition, run promotions on “Purchased Amazon Coins”, so, from time to time, you could get an even bigger discount.

And last but not least, through the “Promotional Amazon Coins” that you can get as Coins Back Rewards on certain products, you accumulate even more virtual cash in your Amazon account!

Buying Amazon Coins

Buying them is as easy as it gets! Since Amazon use them as a promotional tool for their Appstore, they’ve done their best to make everything super straightforward and user-friendly.

To buy Amazon Coins and start saving, you just need to go to the “Amazon Coins” tab in the Amazon Appstore here or in the Appstore app. Make sure you’re logged in and have the app downloaded. Then, you can easily purchase coins, manage them and keep track of your Amazon Appstore spending.

Amazon Coin Facts

Amazon Coins ≠ crypto currency

Amazon Coins ≠ Amazonascoin AMZ

BUYING Amazon Coins = Discounts from 3 to 10% (and more)

PAYING with Amazon Coins = Saving on the Amazon Appstore

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