While we’re not celebrities, most are pretty good with money. They’re rich, after all! Still, even the wealthiest among us can benefit from saving a few bucks here and there. And while some celebrities may be known for blowing cash on fast cars and fancy mansions, some are also quite frugal. It’s rumored that Oprah Winfrey has a secret bank account she uses for emergencies, and she’ll never tell anyone how much is in it. Here are some money-saving challenges you can try out in 2023:

Stop going out for dinner

If you’re like most people, the thought of spending money on dinner every night is enough to make your stomach churn. But the fact is that eating out can be expensive, and it’s not just the cost of the meal itself that gets us in trouble.

The costs add up when we consider gas money spent driving there and back, parking fees (if applicable), babysitter expenses if we have kids at home who need watching while we’re out having fun, cleaning supplies for cleanup after dinner has been served and let’s not forget about our own time.

Cancel Netflix and go to the library instead

Netflix is the bane of my existence. It’s expensive, a distraction, and wastes so much of my money and time. And yet I keep coming back for more.

So why not try cancelling your Netflix subscription? Instead of wasting your hard-earned cash on a monthly fee that will never go towards anything other than “House of Cards” Season 7 (spoiler alert: Frank Underwood dies), check out your local library instead! You’ll have access to free books, movies, and some music if they have those programs available!

Your local library also has lots of events where you can meet other people who love reading just like you do; plus, there are tons more things available at libraries than just books: from workshops on DIY projects or learning new languages to children’s storytime sessions where kids get together with their parents every week for an hour-long story session where everyone gets involved in telling stories together!

Start a meal plan

A meal plan is an easy way to save money on groceries and eating out. It’s also a great way to get in the habit of cooking at home more often, which will likely help you lose weight or take off pounds if you’re trying to get fit.

  • Set up your meal plan for the week in advance. This can be done on any day that works best for you. The weekend is usually best because it gives you time before each week begins, but if Wednesday works better for whatever reason, then go ahead and do that! Make sure everyone in your household has input into their meals, so everyone likes what they’re eating (and doesn’t feel like they’re being forced into something).
  • Please make sure there are some leftovers from previous nights’ dinners available during lunchtime-this will help keep costs down by eliminating trips back out into town during lunch hour at work/school/etc., plus it’ll mean less waste overall since those leftovers won’t go bad as quickly when properly stored away from heat sources such as refrigerators or microwaves (which tend not contain enough humidity levels needed).

Cut the cable cord

With a TV antenna and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, you can watch all your favorite shows without paying for a pricey cable subscription. You can even get local channels with an HDTV antenna!

You’ll need a little patience while you adjust to the new technology, but once you’re set up with an HDTV antenna and one of these services (or both!), cutting the cord will save money every month–and help reduce waste by reducing packaging materials from those boxes full of plastic remotes that come in each new package from Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV+.

Give up pop and juice

Pop and juice are a big part of our diets, but they can be replaced with water or tea. If you’re going to give up pop, try switching to sparkling water instead (make sure it has no added sugar). You’d save around $50 a month by switching from regular to diet soda, or even more if you drink Coke Zero or Red Bull Energy Drink

If you’re used to buying bottled juice at the supermarket checkout line, try making your own instead! It’s easy once you get into the habit – grab some fresh fruit when it’s on sale at the grocery store and blend away! If this is too much hassle for now, then opt for boxed juices instead–they’re usually cheaper than their fresh counterparts anyway!

Save on your commute

  • Get a bike: Biking is an awesome way to save money and stay fit if you live close enough to work. If not, try taking public transport instead of driving or carpooling with a friend who lives near you (you can split the cost).
  • Use carpooling services: Many apps allow users to connect with others going in the same direction as them at the same time of day–like Uber Pool or Lyft Line–and they’re often much cheaper than taking an UberX alone!
  • Walk more: Walking is great exercise and could save hundreds each year if it replaces half of your usual commute by car or bus/train (or even trains) by foot!


  • Consolidate your bills. You can save money by adjusting how you pay for utilities, cell phone service and insurance. If these are all separate accounts, consider consolidating them into one payment plan with one company. That way, there’s clarity about where to send a check or how much money is due each month, and it’ll be easier for you to budget your cash flow accordingly.
  • Shop online for groceries instead of buying them at the store. Many websites offer discounts on groceries if you order online rather than buy them in person at the supermarket (or another type of store). Plus, there are plenty more ways to save on food that don’t involve changing up how often or where exactly we acquire our meals: coupons/rebates; bulk buying; making coffee at home instead of going out every morning before work; taking advantage of sales promotions offered by grocers such as Kroger’s “double coupon” days when shoppers could use two coupons off their purchases during certain times throughout each week…the list goes on!


These tips will help you to save money in 2023. Remember the other things you can do to save money, like shopping for groceries at a discount store or buying used clothes instead of new ones!

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