Diane Hendricks is one of the richest self-made billionaires in the world, leading an unconventional path from growing up on a dairy farm to founding a billion-dollar company.

A surprising fact about Diane Hendricks is that she didn’t inherit a single penny as a celebrity or political leader. In this article, how did she become a billionaire having a whopping $11.6 Billion net worth?

Biography Of Diane Hendricks

Diane Hendricks is an American woman grown on a farm in Wisconsin and was born in 1947. While living at the farm, she had a child at the age of 17, which made it nearly impossible for her to pursue his education in senior high school. According to Forbes, Diane Hendricks completed her studies at home to earn her high school diploma.

After moving to Janesville with her husband, she started a job at the Parker Pen assembly line, which didn’t go well for a long time. However, her struggling life leads her to sell new homes, where she finds her interest in the real estate and construction business.

Real Estate Career Journey

They became business partners after she met her future husband, Ken Hendricks, a roofing contractor. As part of their three-year project, they purchased 100 homes in Beloit, Wisconsin, and repaired them.

Their real estate investments and Ken Hendricks’ other roofing and real estate companies helped the couple open their first ABC Supply store in Beloit several years later.

Hendricks Holding Company was formed in 2001 by the couple, which now owns an extensive portfolio of industrial companies, logistics companies, real estate, health care companies, and more.

Tragedy Of Her Husband’s Death

Unfortunately, her husband passed away in 2007 after an accident that took his life after falling through the roof of the home. It was a big tragedy for her.

Even after this tragedy, she chooses to pursue her company and lead it for something big, as it was her life’s work. According to Forbes, her company sales rises from $3 Billion to $9 Billion in an impressive year.

Long-Living Controversy While Upgrading Beloit

Beloit is a small town of people having a population of 37,000. Diane invested millions of dollars trying to change the landscape of Beloit. She made several purchases of real estates, such as a country club, a club mall, and the city’s historic library.

The community is also home to many roles held by Hendricks.

The Beloit Foundation, Forward Janesville, and Blackhawk Bank are among the organizations on which she serves as a board member. She is also co-chair of an economic development organization in Rock County, where Beloit is located.

Another interesting thing about Diane Hendricks is that she has a big heart and courage to support as a prolific Republican donor. She had supported Wisconsin Gov. and Donald Trump during the campaigns and spent millions of dollars.

Her Career As A Film Producer

Hendricks also contributed her investments and business to produce movies and started Beloit International Film Festival over a decade ago.

According to IMDB, she produced three movies: Stoning Of Soraya M., An American Carol, and Snowmen. However, two of these movies were appeared in the Beloit Film Festival and took several awards at home.

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